Welcome to the future: Rental amenities in 2117

Who knows what the future will hold for us renters. Will communal renting take over? Will houses cease to exist and be replaced with space-age sleeping pods? Will the government step in and take over rental properties one by one? Will the housing crisis finally take over and force everyone to live in glorified tents? The future of rental is anyone’s guess, but here are a few ideas that might just be crazy enough to work.

The food replicator

In today’s age, we check out the kitchen appliances when we’re looking for a new rental unit. For some, apartment-sized ovens and fridges are deal breakers, while others are satisfied with a hot plate and mini fridge. In years to come, we might be looking more closely at food replicators — machines that will create meals almost instantly! We’ve seen them in all kinds of shows and movies, from Star Trek to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, but a real-life company has actually developed something revolutionary. White Innovation has created the Genie — an appliance that allows you to make your selected dish in approximately one minute.

The teleportation lounge

Another thing renters often struggle with is finding parking. In 2117, we hopefully won’t need to worry about that as much because we could just be able to teleport to one another’s homes! Highrises of the future could include teleportation lounges instead of underground parking — energy efficient, cost effective and faster than driving!

The machine that turns garbage into fertilizer

Who needs a garburator when your unit could include a trash-reducing-fertilizer-creating device? Imagine being able to turn your trash and recycling into fertilizer for your garden! We’re well on our way with this one thanks to Whirlpool’s futuristic appliance, the Zera Food Recycler. In the future, appliances like this could be commonplace items in rentals because the world will hopefully be more invested in environmentally friendly concepts.

Robots included

Nowadays, many of us look for rental prices that include utilities. But what if ‘utilities included’ meant something different in the future? What if your rental unit came equipped with a helpful robot? Your robot could help with the cleaning and upkeep of your rental — all the while keeping your landlord happy as it could control appropriate heat levels, as well as perform the usual tasks required to maintain a rental property. It’s a win-win situation. You might just want to confirm that the robot wouldn’t report everything you do to your landlord… Your privacy might be a little compromised.

Furniture of the future

You may not want full-scale kitchen appliances like ovens and fridges if you opt for a kitchen with something like a food replicator, which means you would ultimately have more space for furniture. A current annoyance of apartment dwelling is the smaller furniture that can inevitably come along with it. But not in 2117! In 2117, we might have more space due to less appliances and, if we’re lucky, humanity will have created comfortable furniture that can condense and rebuild itself, making for a hassle-free move. Easy to move and comfortable — what more could you ask for from your future furniture?


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