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New Homes for Sale in British Columbia

Need to decide which neighbourhood suits you best? Let YP NextHome show you around.

Our neighbourhood specialists know what's important to you and want to share insight into some of the most popular communities in each city. This will help you orient yourself in unfamiliar areas, making it easier for you to choose which area would best suit your lifestyle. Our video tours are guided by local celebrities who want to share some hidden gems that they've uncovered.

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Concord Pacific Park Avenue West  in 100 Avenue & Whalley Boulevard

Park Avenue West

by Concord Pacific

11 plans

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Bosa Properties University District  in 13409 104th Avenue

University District

by Bosa Properties

6 plans

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Cressey Development Mt Pleasant  in West 6th Avenue and Yukon Street

Mt Pleasant

by Cressey Development

1 plan

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