Moving Day: June 30th marks the mass exodus

If you’re planning your moving day at the end of June, you’re not alone. Traditionally, June 30 is the most popular moving day for Canadians to move. The most recent Census (2011) reports that 4.3 million Canadians move annually, which amounts to 1.6 million families – 13 per cent of whom choose the month of June. About a third of those pick June 30 as their moving day.

Why the mass exodus on this one specific day? Weather tops the list of reasons. It’s more pleasant to move after the cold and snow of winter are behind us, and before the major heat of summer kicks in. Of course, no one can predict what Mother Nature will hand us on any given day, but usually there is less chance of rain at the end of June as well.

Keep in mind that moving just before the long weekend in July means families have an extra day to begin unpacking and get settled before they have to go back to work. By waiting until late June, parents avoid disrupting their children’s school year. The end of June marks the mid-year renewal deadline for property taxes and rental leases, so for many people, the timing is optimal.

moving day packing tipsIf June 30 is your moving day, here are some tips to ease the stress:

#1. BOOK YOUR MOVER NOW! You may find that many companies are already fully booked for that day, but the earlier you start calling, the more chances you’ll get a reliable firm to help.

#2. CONSIDER HIRING A MOVER TO PACK YOU. Time is running short, and Two Men And A Truck has packing down to a science. Remember, it’s as important to us as it is to you to get your possessions to your new home safely and in pristine condition.

#3. USE A CHECKLIST. Changing addresses, notifying utility companies, enrolling kids in their new schools – it’s a busy time. Checklists can help you remember all the details. You can find ours here.

#4. EDIT DOWN. There’s no use moving stuff that you will just throw out or give away after.

When it comes to moving, the extra effort up front goes a long way, and when you choose to move on June 30, it takes you even farther toward a safe, successful and fulfilling experience.


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