Angela Price’s dark and dreamy bedroom makeover

It’s always fun to get a peek into the private lives of public figures, and this look into the dark and dreamy bedroom of Carey and Angela Price is pretty impressive. Carey is, of course is the award-winning NHL goalie for the Montreal Canadiens, and his wife, Angela, is the star of Hockey Wives and lifestyle blogger at By Angela.

Angela recently completed a makeover their Montreal master bedroom and has opened it up for us to take a look. Her design vision of a dark and dreamy bedroom came to life with the help – Wayfair’s vast product selection and style director Donna Garlough.

How would you describe your decor style?

Uncomplicated, warm, and rustic yet modern.

How did you want your bedroom to look and feel?

I wanted a space that felt cozy and a bit romantic. Since having the baby, I go to bed a lot earlier, so if Carey wants to hang out with me he has to come in here! I wanted a space that we actually liked to spend time in, and that both of us would enjoy.

You painted your room a dark shade called Domino, from Sherwin-Williams. What made you go with such a bold colour, and were you at all nervous for the end result?

Dark walls are something I’m seeing more and more of. A lot of the inspiration photos I saved on Pinterest had dark walls, and I like the drama it creates in a room. I thought the bad lighting in the room would be a problem, but it wasn’t. did a great job of making the room feel balanced.

What’s your favorite piece of furniture in the room?

Right away, I would have to say the nightstands. I love everything about them – the nightstands themselves, the lamps, the silver frames, the flowers. They are perfection to me. We also got a blue settee, which I would never have picked for the bedroom, but it makes the space so much more inviting. When we have my sister over, or a friend, it allows the room to act as a hangout spot as well?

What were your non-negotiables for the space? Was there anything you just had to have?

A padded headboard for leaning against and reading in bed. We also had a lighting issue we never seemed able to fix, no matter how many lamps we brought in. Somehow, was able to fix that problem, and it really has changed the mood in the room.

Both you and Carey are in the public eye. How does that play a role in creating a comfortable space at home?

Because of that, having a comfortable space at home is that much more important. It’s the only space that’s just ours. We don’t even let Hockey Wives film in our home. To me, that makes being home feel that much more special.

Is there anything you do to ensure your bedroom remains an oasis for both of you?

I always say: A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. I like to make the bed, and make sure the room is clean before leaving for the day. Carey used to make fun of me for it, but now he does it too. I think having a clean living space makes me feel more relaxed. If it’s messy, then I’m anxious. My environment has a huge effect on that sort of thing for me.

price family on bed

Photography: Marie-Lyne Quirion


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