Heat up your home’s style with a fireplace

There’s no better time of year to add a fireplace, thanks to the incredible collection that Dimplex offers. They’re sophisticated and stylish, with many styles offering the function of furniture as well as the allure of flames. With the option of turning the heat off or turning the heat up, they’ll make cool days cozy and brighten up warm days without affecting the thermostat.

The world of fireplaces has evolved greatly – there are many wonderful options on the market, but the ease of installation with these Dimplex Fireplace units really impressed me. Generally, they install in minutes with no specialty wiring required, making them perfect for renters, condo owners or homeowners wanting a weekend refresh with big return on their investment.

One of the more popular units is the Charlotte Media Unit. It’s easy to see why her style is so popular, she offers dual function as a fireplace and a media console. This creates instant ambiance, provides storage and – because of its dual function – I can easily create a nice furniture grouping around the fireplace without two separate focal points fighting for attention. Charlotte is pre-assembled, making it very easy to get the unit down into a basemnt or up an elevator.

On the note of fireplaces – I can’t resist giving a little mantel styling advice! Here are my top three tips to getting the most dramatic look to complement your fireplace:

  1. Group art in “threes” using various heights. Keep to complementary colours
  2. Add one sculptural element, like a vase or statue.
  3. Layer in some greens for softness.

It sets up in minutes. It can accurately reproduce a natural wood-burning fire or gas look and warm up to 1,000 square feet.

But not just fire and heat – there are some interesting innovations in this collection, making these enjoyable and easy to integrate into a room. The Opti-myst, for example, is the world’s safest fireplace technology – it actually turns water into flames! This beauty blew me away, I could not believe how real the flames look. As the mist rises up through the bed, light reflects against the water molecules creating a convincing illusion of flames and smoke. It is so life-like in appearance that it is often mistaken for a traditional wood-burning fireplace, yet 100 per cent safe to the touch.

This fireplace unit is so flexible it can be installed just about anywhere from a family room to a hotel lobby. I like to use river rocks, branches or even faux antler horns to change the look seasonally – so versatile, it’s a fun component to add to a home.

Another model that really adds the style factor is IgniteXL. This particular fireplace is the sexiest one of all! One of Dimplex’s premium linear electric fireplaces, it has interchangeable driftwood or diamond-like rocks and is available in lengths up to 100 inches of flawless panoramic flames. This model boasts a “less frame-more flame” for a dramatic focal point. Its sleek lines are perfect for a modern, luxurious look and feel.

All of these electric fireplaces allow you to have the ambiance of fire – with or without heat – perfect all year round. With a focus on style, these are decor pieces that offer more than just the functionality of a fireplace. With many models that boast double duty in a room’s furnishings, they’re the ideal addition when saving space is a priority and style is a must. They’re also the perfect one-stop solution when gas or wood is not an option, allowing them to be situated anywhere in your home.


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