Linda Mazur: How to mix patterns like a pro

In 2018, I have seen an emergence of fantastic and inspiring fabrics, many bursting with colour and incredible patterns. As a designer, I enjoy pouring over fabric books and gathering ideas and direction. I have even been known to design an entire space just from the inspiration of one fabric. You may wonder, though, with such a variety of fabrics and patterns to choose from, how do you know what works together to achieve a “designer look” at home? Here are some insider tips to keep in mind.

To blend fabric designs successfully, it’s important to remember to vary the scale of the patterns from small to large, as well as to maintain the same depth or magnitude of colour. By that, I mean if you’re working with primary colours, then don’t look to incorporate fabrics that are pastels; you will inevitably create an imbalanced look.

If you start blending a minimum of three fabric patterns, you shouldn’t have any problems. The first pattern selection should be your most impactful one, so choose carefully and select a pattern that has a large-scale design. The second pattern should be completely different, probably about half the scale of the first one and have some of the same colours incorporated throughout. For the third selection, it can be smaller scale and similar in pattern to either of the first two, with at least two to three of the colours found in the other patterns.

So, for example, if you have selected a large-scale floral as your first pattern, the second could perhaps be a bold stripe or a geometric fretwork pattern, and then blend in another small-scale floral for the third or an alternative smaller geometric.

When combining and layering patterns, it’s crucial to balance them throughout your space. The last thing you want to do is create a situation where the heavier weight of patterns is all at one end of the room; they should be well proportioned with solids, and any other visible patterns in your room (such as area rugs and wall coverings) to provide equilibrium and an aesthetically pleasing look.

Patterned fabrics can create a bold statement in your home and mixing designs like a pro is all about balance, layering and blending. Just remember to keep a common element throughout your space and watch your home come alive!

Known for creating innovative, stylish interiors and full-scale design builds, Linda Mazur Design Group is a multi-discipline design firm with more than 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial design.



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