Yanic Simard's top 7 coffee table picks

It’s a necessity for any family room, the landing place for all, and the centre of attention: it’s the coffee table. I did a segment on CityLine last year about various coffee tables – sizes, shapes, finishes and how to accessorize them. We kept the same living room set throughout the segment, and swapped out only the coffee table and it’s accent pieces, creating many different looks. Everyone was so surprised at how different the room looked each time. If you want to give your space a whole new look, a coffee table might be the way to do it. I’ve narrowed down the vast selection of tables to my top seven picks.



graydon coffee table


1. Washed Wood & Metal Rectangle: If you’re looking for durability and practicality, this is my number one choice. The typical size of a rectangular coffee table is approximately 56” W x 31” D x 17” H, making it the perfect size for displaying several groupings of items such as collectables. For added storage space, or the perfect spot for magazines and books, look for this type of table with bottom shelf that hovers just off the floor.

2. Odd-Shaped Glass Coffee Table: Transparent finishes like glass are sometimes all a space needs to make it feel more open and airy. This classic Noguchi-inspired table’s irregular shape adds interest and character to a typical furniture setting. Pairing this coffee table with a sectional sofa looks phenomenal. Accessorize this with opaque items at varying heights, keeping the items toward the centre point of the surface.

3. Three-Piece Oval/Rectangle Cocktail Table: I love this classic three-piece table because it’s so functional. Those who entertain favour it because they can use the two demi-lune ends as side tables which allows for more spread out landing areas for drinks and snacks. The shape and style of these tables are so pronounced that no accessories are needed – it stands alone beautifully.3 piece coffee table

4. Oversized Square Upholstered Ottoman: Comfort and cosiness is instantly injected into a room when you bring in a large ottoman covered in fabric or leather. Another family favourite, this piece is versatile because it also functions as extra seating. To accessorize, simply look at the top of the ottoman as a grid divided into four sections, and accessorize each section individually (e.g., 1. stacked books, 2. pillow/throw, 3. bowl/vase, 4. tray).

5. Grouping of Stools: Combining two to six of the same or different stools together to create one coffee table is a look I really love. This idea is great for small spaces where you might not have the room to bring in a full-size coffee table, and, again, functionality wins big here because it can be moved around the room or even from room to room. No accessories are needed for this style of table.

6. Low, Faux Stone Coffee Table: Bringing in a piece like this is completely unexpected which is why it works so well in any décor. The look is more natural and less refined, and it helps in visually weighing down a space that lacks balance (but it’s not actually heavy at all). A lower coffee table is in need of accessories that have height, such as a globe, a stack of books, and an orchid flower.

7. Round, Wood Table: I’ve found that this traditional table is an all-time favourite among almost everyone. What’s not to like about the smooth and soft curves and the classy finish? Pair this classic-style table with a modern sofa for a sophisticated, designer-worthy look.


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