Cozy quarters: Living large in a small space

The old adage is true, good things do come in small packages! Case in point, designer Yanic Simard’s impeccably decorated 640-sq.-ft. two-bedroom Victorian home in Toronto. While many people think bigger is better when it comes to owning real estate, Yanic saw the immediate potential in this cosy gem and set out to prove that he can live large in a small space.

“Choosing a house with a good frame is key when wanting to design a space that feels bigger than it actually is,” says Simard.

The quaint house he chose boasts large appeal with 10- and 11-ft. vaulted ceilings, eight-ft. doors and oversized baseboards, elements that helped kick-start his overall design inspiration. When it came to establishing the flow of the house, Yanic’s eclectic style shines throughout the space with mid-century design elements mixed with antique, Art Deco and ’70s influences. A sophisticated colour palette of black, white and gray accented with hues of mossy green, brown and baby blue, and unexpected hits of gold and chrome creates a truly interesting dynamic.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges when decorating and living in a smaller space is storage. Simard insists that storage throughout every room is essential to keeping a chic abode. So he came up with creative solutions to maximize space in his small quarters. Solutions such as a polished chrome armoire in the den/guest room, that works as a stylish piece and can also accommodate a guest’s personal belongings.

Hidden storage under the sofa in the living room, closet organizers in the bedroom, and a stainless steel cart in the bathroom all provide extra storage and diminish the look of clutter.

Finally, to make his small space feel comfortable, luxurious and complete, Simard opted for a variety of interesting fabrics from linen and silk to velvet and chenille. These fabrics appear in different aspects around the home from curtains and pillows to furniture and rugs.

While decorating a small space may seem like a daunting task, Simard claims, “A good and well planned furniture layout is key to a sophisticated environment.”

So if you have a petite pad, get planning and you too can live large in a small space!


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