Lighten up with perfect pillows and throws

When the seasons start to change, you may find yourself craving a new look indoors as well. Rather than undertaking a complete overhaul, you can refresh your family room or living area the easy way: with a suite of sofa accessories. Whether you’re the type to pick one design style and stick to it or change your mind all the time, you can find a perfect pillow-and-throw combination for your personality from my guide here:

1. The chameleon

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If you love to change your look every season, take the opportunity to warm up your home environment early with a cable knit blanket, and printed pillows that make you think of the outdoors without having to go outside. Also grab a storage ottoman, and you’ll have ample space to keep these items stashed in the sunnier months (and store your summer look until warm weather returns).

Get the look: Tallulah Throw in Gray, Weathered Wood Toss Cushion, Bird Forest Toss Cushion, Owl on Branch Toss Cushion, Prima Leather Ottoman in white (Urban Barn)

2. The indecisive

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If you can’t settle on just one or two colours (even per season), you don’t have to. Choose items that feature blocks of multiple colours in coordinating tones, and they will still feel related even if you choose every hue in the rainbow. For example, choose all pastels, or all midtones. Make sure to still break up the scheme with some neutrals to avoid total overload.

Get the look: Steven Alan Abstract Crewel Pillow Covers, Hand-Loomed Silk Throw (West Elm)

3. The glamorous

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Creating a look that says luxe is all about texture – adding a rich feel to the touch will add a rich look the eye. Try layering a sheepskin like a throw on a corner of the sofa, and contrast it with sequined pillows, mixing rugged and delicate fabrics with some sparkle for a Hollywood glam appeal.

Get the look: Rens Sheepskin (IKEA), Luxe Sequin Pillow (Indigo)

4. The classic

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The high contrast look of black and white is a striking classic. To keep it sophisticated, mix different patterns featuring both tones to soften the scheme (such as stripes, chevrons, and other geometrics), and have some favourite photos printed in grayscale and hung in simple frames for timeless elegance.

Get the look: Lappljung Ruta Cushion Cover, Stockholm Cushion Cover in Black/White, Eivor Throw (IKEA)

5. The natural

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.52.16 AM

If you love nature but are scared away by the term “animal prints,” skip the cheetah spots and look to richly coloured butterflies, bugs, and peacock feathers for your inspiration. Magnified prints will read as a more subtle nod to the environment while adding jewel toned decadence. Use a faux fur throw as a neutral backdrop with depth that you can really sink your claws into!

Get the look: Peacock Silk Pillow Cover, Butterfly Dream Silk Pillow Cover, Shadow Butterfly Silk Pillow Cover (West Elm), Llama Faux Fur Throw (Urban Barn)

6. The bold

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.43.14 AM

The primary colour stripes of an iconic Hudson’s Bay blanket feel classic yet modern, and utterly sophisticated; spread it out unfolded for maximum effect (over the full seat or even the entire sofa) and add an equally legendary Union Jack pillow for unapologetic personality.

Get the look: Multi-stripe Point Blanket and Union Jack Pillow (Hudson’s Bay Company)

7. The demure

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.50.43 AM

For a subdued appeal, combine a throw in soft pink tones (IKEA) and textural faux shearing pillows (Urban Barn) for a look that reads as sweet without overloading your taste buds. The taupe shade of this shearing especially makes a perfect counterpoint for the pink, creating a more demure pairing than a stark white.

Get the look: Hermine Blanket (IKEA), Mongolian Toss Cushion in Beige (Urban Barn)

8. The meditator

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.43.28 AM

Reduce your stress by choosing one soothing colour to stick with, like a pastel aqua shade, and mix different textures and subtle patterns for a feeling of restfulness. Choosing multiple pillows in the same size and shape also makes for easy mixing and matching – 18- to 20-in. squares are fairly common and can be combined over time from different stores.

Get the look: Chevron Crewel Pillow Cover, Embroidered Starburst Pillow Cover, Favourite Throw in Sky, Jacquard Leaf Silk Pillow Cover


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