DIY Kitchen Renovation (Video)

1. Undermount lighting

DIY_Kitchen_RenovationYou’d be surprised how much of a difference adding some additional lighting to a room does to change a spaces’ overall atmosphere. As Shai explains in the first segment of this fun DIY Kitchen Renovation video, adding undermount lighting to your eating quarters doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are many inexpensive, retro-fit undermount lighting kits available that make subtle yet stylish additions to the transformation of your kitchen.

2. Upgrade cabinet hardware

DIY_Kitchen_RenovationOften times, consumers get so obsessed with what they’re putting on display in their cabinets that they completely overlook the design opportunities available for these organizational spaces. Shai shows how revamping cabinet handles and adding dampers to doors can add a lavish touch to even the most simple of living situations. Ringing in at the super low price of around $1.50, these additions are easy to install and essentials for anyone doing DIY kitchen renovations.

3. Peel and stick backsplash

DIY_Kitchen_Renovation Installing a peel and stick backsplash might be the easiest addition for anyone attempting a DIY kitchen renovation. Using a simple, sticker-like system, peel and stick backsplashes offer consumers easy, fast and cost effective ways to drastically upgrade the appearance of their kitchen. As Shai points out, you’re going to want to make sure you’re using vinyl peel and stick backsplashes to ensure that water doesn’t damage your fabulous new decor.


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