Small space survival tips

With 25 years in the real estate biz, we’ve picked up a thing or two about how to maximize your small space. Here’s some timeless advice from the experts over the years.

Jane Lackhart, principal designer, Jane Lockhart Interior Design

“Furniture in small spaces can serve more than one purpose… Reconfiguring and readapting to serve multiple functions is the way of the future.”

Yanic Simard, principal designer, Toronto Interior Design Group

“Position a mirror directly on the wall opposite to the source of natural light. This will bounce the light back and forth while increasing the visual depth of your room at the same time.”


Hellen Buttigieg, certified professional organizer, We Organize U

“When you’ve run out of storage space, lie on the floor and look up… Vertical space is abundant and often overlooked. Consider putting shelves above door frames or around the perimeter of the room. Hang things from the ceiling in the kitchen. When purchasing armoires, bookcases or shelving units, choose the tallest you can find, and put baskets on top of them.”

Kimberley Seldon, interior designer, Kimberley Seldon Design Group

“Where the goal is to create the illusion of more space, paint walls and trim in pale, cool colours… Cool colours recede from view, making walls feel farther away than they really are.”


Lisa Canning, designer, Lisa Canning Interiors

“A layered lighting plan is something I always recommend to clients, but in a small space this approach is especially advantageous. Rather than opting for a floor lamp with mass and weight, that takes up floor area, sconces give you ambient lighting while saving space. I love the architectural detail sconces provide and often use them on either end of a gallery wall or sofa.”

Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, self-proclaimed DIY ninja and designer, Hue La La

“If you’re fortunate enough to have a breathtaking skyline view or a picturesque landscape right outside your window, why not treat it like a stunning piece of artwork? Frame it with colour. Painting trim with a deep, rich hue such as black or charcoal gray continues to be a growing trend, and if your small space is rather “box like” and lacking a natural interior focal point, the addition of a bold colour on the trim work will add depth, command attention, and draw the eye to one of your best and most beautiful features.”


Jonathan and Drew Scott, Co-hosts of TV show, Property Brothers

“Train yourself to be a minimalist. I know you want to keep the old photo albums and book collections. However, with today’s digital technology, you can store all your photos and books on your computer. You get better quality imaging and it can free up a lot of space.”


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