8 organizing myths and tips for clearing clutter

When it comes to lightening your load of “stuff,” you need a plan. But with all the advice and products out there targeting the “collectors,” it can be hard to weed out the gems from the junk.

Clearing Clutter: 8 organizing myths

1. Lots of colourful bins and containers will help you clear clutter.
If these tools aren’t part of a larger system that allows you to put like with like and find what you need when you need it, then they aren’t helping you get or stay organized. They’re just adding to your clutter.

2. There’s no hope for me… I wasn’t born organized.
Yes, some of us were born with the “organizing gene,” but anyone can become better organized. Determine what is organized enough for you, and get help developing systems that work with your learning style.

3. An organized home looks like the ones in the magazines.
These magazine photographs are professionally staged. While they showcase some great storage ideas, 50 per cent of the stuff in the space has been cleared out. Homes are meant to be lived in. Keeping your home perfectly organized every minute of every day probably means you aren’t “living” there at all.

4. Once I get organized, I’ll be organized for life! Yeah!
Clearing clutter is a journey, not a destination. You have to maintain and tweak your systems regularly in order to stay organized. Organizing is not magic. It is unrealistic to think that a professional can come in for a couple of hours and “fix” what has taken you months (or years!) to create.

5. If I had more space, I could get organized.
While lack of space can be a legitimate issue in some situations, those with the tendency to “collect” will fill up any space, no matter how large. I’ve seen homes with three-car garages and over 2,500 sq. ft. of living space less organized than an 800-ft. apartment.

6. Being messy means you are disorganized.
Organizing is about function, not absence of stuff. Visual, creative types need to have things out where they can see them. Their spaces appear disorganized to others, but they usually know where everything is.

7. Getting organized is too expensive.
There are plenty of methods to clearing clutter that don’t cost anything, and if you’ve got a creative streak, you can still make them just as pretty.

8. Professional organizers live in “ultra organized,” magazine worthy spaces.
If I had a dollar for every time one of my clients said, “Your home must be so organized!” Remember: it’s about living in a space you love, not obsessing about the space so you can’t live in it!


While clearing clutter getting your home in order can be a challenge, these 8 steps will bring you closer to your goal.


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