June 30 is still the busiest moving day of the year

The busiest moving day of the year is June 30. According to Two Men and a Truck – Canada, that day is particularly popular for several reasons.

Thousands of people will make their moves during the Canada Day weekend, which means movers will be going all out to provide the necessary services. It also means that each year, those who wait until the last minute to book moving trucks and/or movers for June 30th are disappointed when they find nothing available.

The school year is over by the end of June, and families with children usually want to wait to move rather than disrupt the kids’ routine. Of course, June 30th ushers in the Canada Day long weekend, which means an extra day to unpack and organize before going back to work.

Above all, even considering its unpredictability, weather makes June 30th an attractive moving date.

Let’s face it: cold and snow add challenges to any move. By the end of June, the full heat of summer hasn’t kicked in yet, and the chance of rain is slim. Practically speaking in the financial sense, this date represents the mid-year renewal deadline for property taxes and rental leases, which also plays a role in people’s timing.

If you want to move on June 30th, you may have to make several calls to make a booking, but every minute you wait lessens your chances.

Consider having your mover pack for you. Keep in mind that with time running short, professional movers can get your items ready to move quickly and efficiently. Getting your possessions to your new home in excellent condition is important to us as well as you. If you still decide to pack yourself, you may want to purchase packing supplies from your mover. Our boxes are available in consistent sizes, which makes stacking them in the truck easier. And remember that it’s counterproductive to move items you will just throw out at the other end. Take some time to sort and pitch.

A great way to be sure you are totally ready for your move is to use a checklist.You have many things to think of, such as notifying pertinent people and companies of your change of address.You may have to enroll kids in their new schools; make arrangements for pets, babies and toddlers to be looked after on moving day; schedule the shut-off of utilities and phone at your old address and start-up at your new place … you get the picture.

You can find a moving day checklist at www.twomenandatruck.ca/your-moving-checklist-plan-your-move.


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