Great Gulf: Focusing on people and spaces

Great Gulf began in 1975 with a belief that the company wasn’t just building homes, but creating spaces. From breaking ground at its first lot in Cambridge, to becoming a three-time winner of Home Builder of the Year, Great Gulf has come a long way.

While a lot has changed in that time, one thing hasn’t: an unwavering commitment to building great spaces that inspire the people who live, work and play there. Spaces that inspire you to do great things. Where people interact and grow closer. Great Gulf continues to grow, innovate and inspire people to live greatly and now, more than 40 years and some 40,000 homes later, that belief has helped earn the company the one thing that every great builder aspires to – a space in customers’ hearts.

The pursuit of great

Design. Technology. Experience. As the key pillars of every Great Gulf project, these three little words are a big deal. It starts with innovative design that combines intelligent spaces with functional beauty. Guided by technology and building science, inspiration takes physical form. But before the company builds anything in the real world, it builds in a virtual one, allowing it to perfect every aspect before laying the foundation. This results in spaces that are quieter, brighter, healthier and more energy efficient. Finally, an unparalleled dedication to every customer creates an experience that is second to none, with a well-earned reputation that can only be described with one word: great.

Live greatly

Great Gulf’s goal is simple: build extraordinary spaces that inspire the people who inhabit them on a daily basis – in everything from beautiful master-planned communities such as Hillsborough at Holland Landing, East Gwillimbury, to thoughtfully designed urban developments such as home condominiums in Toronto’s core. And Great Gulf continues to look ahead to the future with plans, projects and ideas that are greater than ever. Here’s to what lies ahead.


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