Put some spring into your decor!

When spring comes around, I typically see a surge of people wanting to spruce up their decor. There are so many easy and affordable things people can do to dramatically update their space while keeping function, style and budget top of mind.

Consider swapping out some accessories for lighter, brighter options. I love working with white on white (all different tones/shades of white) to create a fresh, bright palette. Flowers are mandatory too – I cannot live without flowers – and they scream spring!

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Feeling the itch for a more dramatic change this spring? I’ve recently launched a new line of Jo Alcorn wall paper in patterns that are guaranteed to give your mood a lift and make you feel like you’ve made a dramatic change with a little DIY magic.

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Think you have to turn off your fireplace and forget about it until fall rolls around? Think again! Dimplex has stunning units that operate with no heat; you can keep them on during the spring and summer on cool, rainy days when you want that comfy, cozy feel of a fire but without the heat. One unit I recently styled is a new type from Dimplex called Revillusion. It can run all summer long with a no-heat option to keep a romantic, relaxing feel going strong in the warmer months.

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If you have an electric fire place, or even a wood burning unit, you can redecorate it to match your spring decor. HomeSense is my go-to when I want to change any decor easily, and with very little expense. For mantel decor in the summer months I recommend light, airy and fun accessories.

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Spring is always a great time to organize and make small changes that will add huge functionality to your home. Adding in soft close hardware and drawer organizers can sometimes make it feel like you have a brand new space. GRASS, a manufacturer of soft close drawer and cupboard systems, has a new line called Tavinea which is an interior drawer system that is modularly built so it can easily be tailored to your personal specifications. The days of the junk drawer will be limited after this addition.

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If you have open shelving or glass cabinet doors, another option to update your decor is to change your glassware and plates. I love to pull these out early in the season and get them on display – they give my kitchen an instant spring feel – I’m all for making it feel like the warmer months will be here soon! Walmart has a great selection of outdoor plates and glasses that are sure to please and fit the needs to everyone.

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Spring really does inspire us to organize, air out, and freshen up, but a spot that people often overlook is the laundry room or storage space – an area that receives very little attention. I assure you, if you spend a bit of time to organize it properly, you can be far more efficient when you’re in there and have the bonus of enjoying that space! I love baskets from Bouclair to hide all the bits and bobs, cleaning supplies and other things that make the household tick.

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There is no easily, more stylish way to change up your living space than by adding in pillows – “The more the merrier!” I always say. My pillow collection is fully washable (you toss the entire pillow – cover and stuffing – into the washer), hypoallergenic and made in Canada. Jo Alcorn Collection

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Spring is here and these quick and easy updates will make your space more functional, enjoyable, and easier to live in for more than just the season to come.


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