Smaller condo space drives bathroom design trends

When living in smaller homes, good design and aesthetics are incredibly important, especially for one of the smallest rooms – the bathroom.

American Standard Brands’ marketing director of Canada and GVHBA member, Michael DelGuidice, confirmed that people’s time spent in the bathroom and expectations for the spa-like experience continue to push the industry. He noted that builders and manufacturers are responding with products specifically designed for smaller spaces.

Michael walked me through some of the more popular products one can expect to find in new condos being built today.

Wall-hung toilets not only look sleek, they make cleaning floors a breeze. Raised off the ground, emphasis is drawn to the floor tiles – often a significant bathroom feature, while creating a larger sense of space.


Not to be outdone by tiles, the wall-hung DXV Spalet Smart Toilet has an array of options including an integrated bidet, complete with water temperature control, air drying, night lights and auto opening – it’s actually capable of recognizing if the seat and lid should be raised or just the lid. The state-of-the-art technology recognizes the user as they approach.

A wall-mounted vanity keeps within the same design trend, maximizing space and storage in the bathroom. Integrated storage trays facilitate multiple users, while keeping items organized and out of sight. It’s definitely a plus for condo living where the bathroom is likely shared with guests.

Traditionally found in larger bathrooms, the look afforded by the popular free-standing tub can now be achieved with a three-sided tub, positioned against the wall. However when it comes to bathing, Michael says the experiential shower reigns most popular for small urban spaces.

Complete with over-head and hand-held rain showers, including lights and sound, the Grohe SmartControl is an intuitive shower system with multiple controls, with a design concept that’s based on the dashboard of a car! In a fraction of a second, a simple push of the button starts your shower at your desired temperature and flow.

Mixed materials continue to be a strong trend, helping to balance the industrial look with a spa-like atmosphere and feel. Michael said “wood, poured composite stones, and concrete in matte finish are trending, noting ‘white is still king’ when it comes to the bathtub, sink and toilet.”

When it comes to living in smaller spaces, good design, state-of-the-art technology and functional aesthetics are essential to achieve the spa-like experience. To source products and view award-winning condo developments, visit


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