Strathearn Heights rejuvenation

Strathearn is a well-established neighbourhood in south-central Edmonton. It is popular for its epic views of the river valley and downtown skyline, key location, active arts community and for quiet residential streets. The neighbourhood is also well known for the massive rental apartment complex that makes up its core: Strathearn Heights.

The Strathearn Heights Apartments have been home to thousands of tenants for more than 60 years. Covering more than 22 acres of prime real estate, the city has approved a complete rejuvenation of the complex. It will be demolished and rebuilt into a sustainable, transit-focused urban village.

The new-and-improved community will see a 100 per cent increase in greenspace, public transit infrastructure that includes the new LRT, brand new condominium and apartment rental buildings, commercial spaces and a central plaza. Developers hope to improve connectivity to the River Valley, multi-use pathways and outside public transportation. There will be a range of multi-unit housing options to cater to diverse ages, income levels, interests and levels of residents’ community participation.

The Master Plan received a LEED Silver Certification from the US Green Building Council which moved into Canada in 2010. The certification evaluates categories including location, linkage, green construction, neighbourhood pattern and design.

Hundreds of people currently live in Strathearn Heights. According to Strathearn Heights Ltd, “all tenants will be given at least one year’s notice before being relocated. All long-term tenants will be relocated to the last phases to be developed in the project.”

The project was approved by the City in 2008, but owners of Strathearn Heights are waiting for the construction of the new LRT to make its way into the neighbourhood. They estimate it will be a few years until ground is broken and say, “we won’t start building until they do!”


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