The best from IDS: 2017 home design trends

The 2017 Interior Design Show (IDS17) has come and gone. As North America’s leading design conference, IDS17 is where home decor nuts can discover the latest and greatest in design trends and witness the innovations from local and international designers. This year did not disappoint, as the show illustrated some of the newest trends on the horizon as well as older trends that are here to stay.

1. Meet concrete

From concrete bookcases to bathtubs, IDS17 showcased how concrete is no longer a dull-coloured material, but a statement decor element.

Native Trails


Using various natural and sustainable materials, Native Trails is bringing artistry and innovation to the kitchen, bar and bath. The company displayed its copper kitchen sinks, nickel bars and concrete bathtubs, a consumer favourite.

CEK (Giorgio Cecatto)


CEK takes concrete design to the next level with one-of-a-kind pieces in the form of lamps, bookshelves, clocks and other geometrical compositions. If you’re looking for companies offering not-so-subtle decor pieces, CEK is a good contender.

Dekko Concrete


Specializing in sustainable lightweight concrete, Dekko offers some of the very best fire pits, cladding, mantels and architectural decor.

2. Smart design

IDS17 displayed some of the innovative ways in which designers are blurring the lines between technology and decor. The following brands offer a decorated approach to technology.



Finding the perfect art piece to fill those big, empty walls of your new home isn’t easy. IDS attendees circled Nanoleaf’s booth to see just how these brightly-lit panels worked. You can change the colours to suit your mood, automate the lighting throughout the day, and add some fun to your living space while you’re at it.

Serif TV


Samsung partnered with designer Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to create a new television with a distinctive I-shaped profile reminiscent of a Serif font (hence its name). The TV expands at the top and bottom, which creates a shelf and base.

Samsung SmartHome


Photo by Samsung


While this might not be traditional decor per se, having one of these appliances in your kitchen will undoubtedly give it a sleek look. It’s all about WiFi for today’s consumers and Samsung appliances allow you to control anything remotely. Have you ever forgotten what’s in your fridge while grocery shopping? Well, Samsung has a fridge – and app – for that. The Family Hub refrigerator has a wifi-enabled touchscreen, allowing you to manage groceries, connect with family and entertain. It also comes complete with a camera so you can take a peek inside your fridge while on the go.

3. Old meets New



The twenties are back and in full swing! Mobilia partnered with Jannette Ewan to bring this era to life with its new “Roaring Twenties” collection. Modern decor met old school design at the booth featuring bold colours, soft velvets, geometric shapes and accent pieces such as an old record player and phone.



Caesarstone collaborated with designer Jamie Hayon to create a bold installation titled “Stone Age Folk.” Inspired by Fauna and folklore, Hayon used Caesarstone elements to create whimsical furniture.

4. Bright lights

The vast selection of lighting at IDS was practically overwhelming. As these retailers indicate, chandeliers and lamps are slowly taking on different shapes and sizes.

Paritisons Factory


Partisans Factory collaborated with Lightform to create a new collection called Gweilo. The booth also featured a demo area showcasing how each sculpture is formed using heat.



Photo by hollis+morris

Modelled after “nature’s most-awe-inspiring displays of light,” the “Bolt” sconce by Holis and Morris epitomizes statement lights.

5. Creative sofas and chairs

It isn’t uncommon for chairs and sofas to take a front seat at IDS. Last year was Montauk’s enormous – and very comfortable – sofa, and this year many other designs stood out.

Ele Customs


Torontonians who are passionate about their city will love this sofa with an illustration of a city. The best part: it’s drawn on with a sharpie. Buyers can choose any city to be featured on their sofa. Toronto? New York? Paris? You name it.

Nika Zupanc for ze


Designer Nika Zupanc’s collection for Sé, sold in South Hill Home, was inspired by the Olympic rings. While the Stay Armchair is a personal favourite, each design would make a bold statement in any home.

Photos by Sonia Bell


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