Things to consider before you hire a designer

The process of designing a home can be daunting. But, choosing the right designer will help relieve some of the pressure and stress. Their expertise, knowledge and experience allows them to do the heavy lifting, anticipate any problems and take care of the details. However, before you even begin looking for the person who will help transform your home, here are some important things to consider.


Be realistic. Know your budget from the beginning so that you and your designer can frame your vision within the scope of your finances. Do your research. Take a good look at what furniture, fabric, paint and renovations truly cost and plan for those costs. As designers, it is our job to be up front about costs to temper your expectations. It’s very common for clients to have a $10,000 budget with a $1-million vision.

Scope of work

Determining the scope of your project will set the framework for the process. Once you know the range of work, you can find the appropriate designer. If you require a whole home renovation, find the designer who has the experience required to finish your project. The scope can also help indicate whether your project requires an architect, engineer, designer or decorator. If you’re doing a full house renovation, or just redesigning one room, your designer can help make these determinations based on your budget.

Show and tell

Not everyone speaks fluent designer. This is where photos of finished rooms come in handy! Go through magazines, and Pinterest to look for inspiration.

You’d be amazed at the amount of ideas a simple image can spark. When trying to gather ideas, I often tell my clients to view the portfolio of your designer’s past projects. Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it!


The magic of television has led many to believe anything can be completed within an hour or less. Would you really want to inhabit a home that looks like it took an hour or less to build? That’s why it’s important to understand design professionals can do great things with what they are given. There are many moving parts that help your dream design turn into a reality that include contractors, painters, electricians and many more who all need time to do their job properly.

Customized pieces of furniture alone take at least eight to 10 weeks to complete, a full house renovation can take up to a year. Do your research before hand, your future designer and contractors will confirm the time frame once the scope of work is established.


It’s important you feel comfortable with your designer. Work with someone you can trust to create your vision for your home. While it’s not essential to having a personal connection, it may be beneficial knowing that you’ll be working with each other for several months.

Who to hire

It is essential that you get the full value for your money so seek out a designer who can project and deliver your vision. Experienced professional designers can work with any style.

In the end, designers are here to service you. Remember to choose wisely because your designer is an extension of yourself and will help you maximize your investment.


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