Top 5 haunted buildings in Edmonton

1. McKay Avenue School

haunted buildings'

McKay Avenue School is one of Edmonton’s first schools, the first home to Alberta’s Legislative Assembly and the home of a ghost. The story says a construction worker tragically died after falling off the roof during renovations in 1912. The school is now a museum but this ghost runs amuck, scattering chairs, turning on lights and banging hammers. Read more.

2. Edmonton General Hospital

haunted buildings

Although the “B” wing of the Edmonton General has been closed for more than a decade, some claim it still smells of sick people. Crying children can be heard and the spirit of a mother wanders looking for her dead child, quickly disappearing when approached. These tales are just a few among many that whisper from the abandoned halls of wing “B”. Read more.

3. La Boheme Bed & Breakfast

Haunted buildings

Legend says that the former caretaker of the 1912-era luxury apartment building murdered his wife, dragged her down three flights of stairs, chopped her to pieces and threw her in the coal-fueled boiler. Rumours say a ‘thud, thud, thud’ sound is heard from the stairway and an apparition of a woman have been seen throughout the building. Read more.


4. Concordia University College

haunted buildingsGhost stories circulate every year on campus. There is Dolly the ghost of Fjelstad Hall who sets alarms and locks doors, Al Gersbach whose name mysteriously appears on theatre playbills for school performances, and an unnamed ghost who stands at the foot of girl’s beds at Hoyum Hall. Read more.


5. The Guilty Martini

haunted buildingsThis heritage building has been a carriage house, apartment building, home to many businesses including the now-closed nightclub: the Guilty Martini. “Dapper Dan” is the ghost who had it out for the nightclub. He expressed his distaste by pulling hair, pushing shoulders and rearranging items at the bar. Read more.


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