5 signs you're a renter

It doesn’t take a certain type of person to rent their own space, but a renter does become a certain type of person. Here are 5 signs you’re a renter.1. You’re a handyman (sort of)Just like home owning, your rental will present minor annoyances like a continuous leaking kitchen sink and a squeaking oven door. But as an experienced renter, you’re able to decode any cricks and cracks in your home and do minor repairs yourself. If not, you have your landlord on speed dial.2. Why buy when you can DIY?Your rental is your home and naturally you want it to reflect your personality and taste. Yet, you always put off investing in good decor and furniture because you’re only renting. Never mind you’ve been only renting for the last 3 years. Instead, your Pinterest is filled with pins like “7 DIY projects for renters” and “28 decorating tricks to brighten up your rental home”.3. You rock at small talkYou can only talk to your neighbours so many times throughout the year about the weather. Instead of living though the awkward silence of an 11 floor elevator ride, you’ve mastered the art of small talk. You can keep a lighthearted conversation going for at least 90 seconds and you’re able to get out of it once you’ve reached your door. “Nice talking to you Bob!”4. Ultimate life hackerBeing a renter keeps you on your toes and your experience has served you well because today, you are the ultimate life hacker. It doesn’t matter what life throws your way, you’ve worked around your landlords “rules” and now you can find a solution to anything.5. You roll with the punchesIf you’re a new renter or an experienced renter, chances are you’re renting because you’re not sure where life is going, and you’re enjoying the ride. Either way, you roll with the punches and enjoy the flexibility that renting provides.If any of these signs remotely describe you, congratulations! You are a renter.


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