Liberty Village residents get a cure for TTC headaches

What happens when public transit doesn’t keep up with the fast pace of new home and condo developments and an ever-increasing population in an already busy city? Liberty Village is a prime example of the long line-ups and overcrowded streetcars that residents face on their daily commute into the downtown core. Starting today for a week-long pilot project, Liberty Village residents have an alternative to TTC, courtesy of local company Line Six and it’s new Liberty Village Express.

Liberty Village Express Line Six

Map source: Line Six

For $5 per trip, the Express bus will take patrons from Liberty Village to Union Station via Strachan, Wellington, Niagara, Bathurst and Front streets. While more expensive than a $3 ride on the TTC, users will get some sweet relief – and a guaranteed seat – from the jam-packed 504 King streetcar, which is one of the busiest of the TTC’s surface routes.

The Liberty Village Express is scheduled for morning departures from Liberty at 7:00, 7:45, 8:30 and 9:15, with an average commute time of 15 minutes. Line Six’s promises? “No more unpredictable delays and over-crowded commutes. Start your day right with a comfortable, reserved seat and service you can count on.”

Is this a good idea? Apparently so, as all seats have been snapped up. Line Six currently has 64 backers, and it has surpassed its goal of $2,500 for a total of $2,775 pledged. According to the Line Six website: “There are currently no seats available on this route. But don’t worry! More seats will open up soon. Enter your email and join the waitlist. We’ll let you know when a seat becomes available.”

There have been questions raised about the legality of this “crowd-funded” bus service, which some argue teeters between chartered travel and an unlicensed taxi business. But until Line Six gets the yay or nay from City officials, Liberty Village residents can enjoy their guaranteed seat on the Liberty Village Express from October 6 to 10.


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