5 Big Ideas for your Small Home

It’s true what they say, that good things come in small packages. And even better things come in small spaces. Those who’d rather give up some square footage in the interest of a convenient urban location are in luck, with today’s sleek and stylish micro furnishings taking the spotlight. Make the most of your small home. It only takes some creativity, some advance planning, and a little good advice.

5 big tips to max out your small home:

small_home_tips_4#1 First impressions countWhen you walk into that small home, what’s the first thing you see? Is it pleasing? Inviting? Does it reflect what you want your home to say about you? You only have one chance to make an impression, so make it count!small_home_tips_7#2 Pleasing proportionsFor furniture to serve the double duty of fashion and function, it must be well proportioned to the space. Rule of thumb: the smaller the room, the smaller the furnishings. This also applies to artwork and accessories.small_home_tips_2#3 Leave the traffic jam for the roadEspecially in a small home but really for any sized space, it’s important to keep high-traffic areas clear of furniture, for functional purposes as well as aesthetic ones. Ensure you can open doors without bumping them into your brand new coffee table.small_home_tips_1#4 Focus!Plan your room around one main focal point. Emphasize your favourite feature by arranging your furniture to complement and highlight it. Maybe it’s a great view, or a cosy fireplace.small_home_tips_3#5 Measure twice, buy onceThe old “measure twice, cut once” adage will save you frustration, time and money. Always make sure the door size will accommodate the largest furniture piece. And in any small home, don’t forget to take your tape measure into the stairwell and corridors too.


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